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Association Management

A High-Level Executive Team for the Price of One Employee

With almost two decades of association management experience, Cothran Development Strategies (CDS) provides management services to a variety of state and national nonprofits and associations.  Representing clients in the areas of healthcare, oil and gas, agriculture, finance and more, we provide an experienced senior-level staff managing day-to-day operations, supporting members and growing and sustaining all areas of an organization.

CDS’ complete association management services are tailored to meet each individual client’s needs.


With a team of experts in the fields of communications, fundraising, membership, event planning, database management, finance and administration, we offer clients a professional, reliable, efficient and cost-effective approach to full service association management. 

By enabling organizations to “outsource” all staff duties as well as create a virtual office, we help increase productivity while decreasing employee and structural overhead expenses.

Our full service capabilities include:
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