Association Management

All your service needs fulfilled in one place.

With more than a decade of association management experience, Cothran Development Strategies (CDS) provides management services to a variety of organizations, including industry trade associations, non-profit organizations, philanthropic groups and professional societies. We provide an experienced senior-level staff managing day-to-day operations, supporting members and growing and sustaining all areas of an organization.

CDS’ complete association management services are tailored to meet each individual client’s needs.


With a staff of experts in the fields of communications, fundraising, event planning, database management, finance and administration, Cothran Development Strategies offers clients a professional, reliable, efficient and cost-effective approach to managing a small business or trade association. 

We enable organizations to “outsource” all staff duties as well as create a virtual office giving our clients a way to increase productivity while decreasing employee and structural overhead expenses.

Our full service capabilities include:

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Membership Services & Fundraising

Cothran Development Strategies has a remarkable record in membership management, recruitment, and development. We work with each client to tailor a membership recruitment and retention plan that meets their specific needs. Our extensive company background in fundraising makes us uniquely qualified to develop and execute fundraising campaigns to help with membership recruitment. Your dedicated membership director works every day to execute the daily tasks of your membership program.

Meeting, Conference & Event Planning and Execution

Annual Meetings and Conferences are often the largest sources of revenue and a great way to build relationships within the organization. Cothran Development Strategies coordinates logistics and implementation of overall meetings and other organization events. Our experienced event planners can provide guidance to create the best event possible for your attendees.

Communications & Graphic Design and Marketing

Cothran Development Strategies offers full-service marketing, communications, and graphic design services. Our in-house communications director will manage all your communications needs. Cothran Development Strategies can design all of your materials and graphic needs for membership, sponsors, events, social media, e-mail newsletters and much more.

Financial Management & Bookkeeping

Cothran Development Strategies provides accounting services, credit card processing, general accounts payable and receivable, financial reporting and tax filing for each client. Working with only the best accountants and attorneys in the business, Cothran Development Strategies keeps meticulous financial records that you can trust for your association and maintains broad-based insurance coverage for all of our clients.

Governmental Affairs

Cothran Development Strategies works with several top tier national and state government affairs teams to ensure that each client who needs access to a lobbying team has many options to suit their specific needs.