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ACSF Reaches Million Dollar Milestone, Honors Campaign Donors

The Ada City Schools Foundation concluded its year-long 2014 “Million Dollar Milestone Campaign” by presenting six plaques honoring campaign donors to the six Ada City Schools principals at the first round playoff football game, Friday, November 14, at Norris Field.

The primary goal of the Ada City Schools Foundation (ACSF) since its founding in 1988 has been to raise the funds needed to provide long-term support for the “Grants to Teachers” program. As of November 1, 2014, the $1 million goal has been achieved, with nearly $1.2 million in funds going to a perpetual endowment to fund the program, said ACSF President Somerlyn Cothran.

“A lot of board members over the years have worked tirelessly to reach this ‘milestone.’ This has been a true community effort from day one,” said Cothran. “The Foundation has been able to consistently fund the more than $30,000 in grants annually to Ada teachers for special projects in the classroom. We will now be able to fund at least that amount each year in perpetuity,” she said.


ACSF Treasurer Janice Stout said the “Grants to Teachers” program is the largest ongoing program administered by the Foundation. The Foundation relies entirely on contributions from community members, and the grants provided to teachers range from $100 to $5,000.  


“Our community has always been generous,” Stout said. “We appreciate those who have, by their financial gifts, enabled us to continue providing worthwhile and motivating learning experiences for our children.” 


Campaign donors are recognized on permanent plaques placed in each school in the Ada City Schools System. The plaques will be presented the evening of November 14, at the Ada High School football game at Norris Field.


Please contact Somerlyn Cothran at (580) 332-4710, ext. 3, for more information about the Million Dollar Milestone Campaign, or visit the Million Dollar Milestone website.

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